50 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Not too long ago, on my mom’s 50th birthday I made her a list of 50 reasons why I love her so much. Yesterday was my dad’s 50th birthday, so now finally it’s my dad’s turn…

50 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

1) He’s a great leader and wonderful father.

2) His words of wisdom.

3) He would do anything for me.

4) He always treats my mom with love and respect.

5) His playful and carefree attitude.

6) Every night when he’s at work he calls home to talk to us.

7) His heart for God.

8) He is generous.

9) Every year he takes me to the fishing show to spend quality father daughter time together.

10) His hard work in everything he does.

11) He always puts his family first.

12) He is a free spirit.

13) He loves to meet new people.

14) His strong will and determination.

15) He taught me right and wrong.

16) The way that he sings and dances.

17) He is good at fixing things.

18) He is very protective over me.

19) He takes us on family vacations.

20) His passion for risking his life to help people as a firefighter.

21) His patience.

22) He has amazing charm and charisma.

23) He always gets me free stuff! ;)

24) He is down to earth.

25) He marches to the beat of his own drum.

26) He doesn’t take life too seriously.

27) He cared for me and helped teach me everything I know.

28) He loves to make me breakfast and smoothies.

29) His laugh.

30) His strength.

31) His integrity.

32) He is appreciative of all God has given him.

33) He always helps me put together my furniture.

34) His big hugs.

35) Our deep talks during long car rides.

36) He can always make me smile.

37) He is honest.

38) His kind eyes.

39) He is embarrassing- like all dads are.

40) How he never takes life for granted.

41) He is always there for me.

42) His mismatching outfits.

43) He always makes sure I get places safe.

44) He loves to make new friends.

45) He is an inspiration to me and others.

46) How he is never afraid to take risks.

47) He teaches me life lessons.

48) He also tries to teach me about finances and investing.

49) He always tells me he loves me.

50) I know he will always love me no matter what.

Happy 50th birthday Daddy! I LOVE YOU!

xx, Ciera

OC Fair Adventures ft. Karmin + Fifth Harmony

Happy Monday, loves! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. This last Friday night I went to the Orange County Fair with my friend Erica. Here’s some snaps from my Instagram and a few more unseen ones from my iPhone :)

OC Fair 5th Harmony and Karmin Concert Tickets Eating curly fries at the OC Fair 5th Harmony and Karmin OC Fair Stage Instagramming from the OC Fair 5th Harmony and Karmin Concert 5th Harmony and Karmin OC Fair Concert Fried Twinkie at the OC Fair View of the OC Fair from the Top of the Ferris Wheel OC Fair

{ Tokyo Darling Tank | Aero shorts | Zara cardigan | F21 sandals (sold out) | Charlotte Russe sunnies | Aero crossbody bag }

We originally went to see Fifth Harmony in concert and we both didn’t even realize Karmin was actually headlining. After looking them up online, I recognized a few of their songs such as “Brokenhearted,” “Hello,” and “Acapella” and we decided to watch their performance too. We had so much fun at the concert/fair and found a great new band. You can check out more of Karmin’s music on their YouTube channel!

xx, Ciera

Pineapple Popsicles


When I was younger, my mom used to make me popsicles all the time during summer. They’re such an easy DIY treat for when the weather starts heating up and you’re craving something fresh to cool you down.

All you need is your favorite juice (I used Dole pineapple and pineapple orange strawberry juice) along with a popsicle mold, easily found at many retailers including Target and Walmart. You can also add in pieces of fruit for extra flavor!

Freeze for 1-2 hours and enjoy!

xx, Ciera

Zara Haul: Best Summer Tees


When Zara has a sale, you obviously have to buy something- because Zara rarely ever has sales, and they have the cutest summer T-shirts ever right now! I got four tees for under $50- and they’ll be a style staple in my closet for seasons to come. Most of the sale items are sold out online, but if you have a store nearby you should make sure to check it out and shop the great sales!


{ Say Chic Tee (sold out)| Please Tee (sold out) | White Tank | Paradise Tee (Zara Kids) }

What are your favorite summer tees? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Ciera

{Day 3} B + W Summer

DSC_0488 DSC_0486 DSC_0433DSC_0439DSC_0441DSC_0450{ Zara tank | Kaitlyn shorts | F21 sandals | Thrifted bag | Windsor sunnies | Cotton On sunhat | Laurenly necklace }

The last day in Vegas my fam packed up our belongings and headed out to breakfast at IHOP for pancakes and crepes. Afterwards, it was time to hit the road back home! When traveling, I usually opt for casual outfits that I will be comfortable in all day long. My sister let me borrow her adorable shorts from Kaitlyn, and I finally got a chance to wear my necklace from Laurenly. I had a great mini vacation with my family and can’t wait to come back next year for more Vegas adventures!

xx, Ciera

{Day 2} Versace Inspired Tunic

DSC_0403DSC_0399DSC_0418{ Santee Alley dress | Thrifted bag | F21 sandals | Nail art }

The second night of my 3 day vacation we met up with some more extended family that we rarely see that live just outside of Vegas. We went out to dinner at a nearby hotel and got to catch up for a few hours. Look out for my last Vegas OOTD post tomorrow!

xx, Ciera


{Day 1} Hanging Poolside in Vegas

DSC_0176DSC_0174DSC_0140 DSC_0188 DSC_0204 DSC_0215 DSC_0290 DSC_0303 DSC_0323 DSC_0357{ Aero swim top | VS swim bottoms | Thrifted Billabong skirt | F21 sandals | Charlotte Russe sunnies | Nail art }

When it’s 110 degrees outside, the only place I want to be is at the pool, sipping on (virgin) piña coladas. My family and I spent hours swimming, tanning, and relaxing out by the Excalibur pool. It was a great start to my mini vacay :) Stay tuned for more Vegas posts coming soon!

xx, Ciera