6 Sustainable Accessories For Nature Lovers

Choosing a gift for someone who loves nature isn’t solely about finding the right accessory for their next expedition or favorite outdoor activity. Finding that special something is also about understanding their fondness for nature, and learning exactly why they love the wild outdoors so much.

A significant part of this is ensuring that you choose a sustainable gift, one that complements the ethics of eco-minded individuals. An item of outdoor clothing, for example, won’t be received with the same gratitude if it is made with low-quality materials that ultimately contribute to pollution. Especially since wearing such an item out and about might cause embarrassment in front of other nature enthusiasts.

To prevent such an occurrence and to help inspire the perfect gift, here are six sustainable accessories that are ideal for nature lovers.

Eco-Friendly Campstove

Cooking while camping is a common source of frustration. While some are happy to forage for wood and create a fire of their own, others are challenged by the weather or simply don’t have time for the process. Instead, they want an efficient source of heat to cook their food. Unfortunately, these are seldom eco-friendly.

As an alternative to gas hobs, there are now an increasing number of sustainable options available for camping stoves. These accessories can not only use wood pellets and chips to create campfires to cook on but also charge USB devices with the energy generated too.

Changing Robes For Swimmers

Microplastics are a source of contention for swimmers since the sea is facing considerable pollution from low-quality and fast fashion. As such, any item of clothing worn by swimmers is best to be one of an environmentally friendly design.

Thankfully, there are such sustainable changing robes available, making use of recycled materials that are even made from reclaimed plastics, helping to clean the oceans that swimmers enjoy.

Recycled Shoes

Once you open the door to sustainably made clothing, you begin to see how many possibilities are available. While all clothing can be made sustainably, shoes are some of the most important for nature lovers, especially those who are active. This is because shoes undergo a considerable amount of stress, from casual sandals to hiking boots, and are changed regularly. Without sustainable options, the process of seeing footwear degrade is challenging.

Solar Power

Those who enjoy the outdoors at night will understand the importance of light. This is why campers will almost always equip themselves with torches. While wind-up designs have been popular for those wanting to avoid disposable batteries, this arduous process has now been largely replaced with solar alternatives, with solar light options becoming ubiquitous.

Ethical Coffee Beans

Not all coffees are created equally and as global warming places greater pressure on farms, sustainability and ethical growing become more important. If your nature-loving friend or family member wants to enjoy their java when outdoors, then ethical beans can be the ideal gift.

Non-Polluting Sunscreen

It is recommended that everyone should wear some degree of sunscreen. And, while this is good advice, many mainstream options contain chemicals that actually pollute water sources, making them environmentally unfriendly. Since your giftee is likely to need a great deal of sunscreen, a sustainable alternative is certain to be appreciated.

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